Normandale Community College

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Following federal COVID-19 guidelines, Minnesota State is now requiring all employees, students, and visitors (including contractors and vendors) to wear a face covering when indoors at Normandale facilities, regardless of vaccination status.

Coronavirus Information

Programs & Courses

Degrees & Certificates (Credit)

Let Normandale help you with your future -

  • Earn credits
  • Work toward your degree
  • Pick up a new skill 
  • Qualify for a new job.

Online Learning

Learn what you want, where you want. Normandale offers one of the larger selections of credit and non-credit courses along with entire degree programs and certificates online.

Transfer Plan

Whether you are transferring in or transferring out, advanced planning is required to ensure a smooth transfer process.

4-Year Partner Degrees at Normandale

This is a gateway to getting a 4-year degree attending just one campus, yet saving thousands of dollars in the process.

You spend your first 2 years enrolled at Normandale, then the last 2 enrolled with one of our partners, and attend many of your classes here.

Degree Guides

Degree guides (course tracks) can help you figure out which classes you need to take to get to the next level. Plus the classes are linked to their course descriptions to make it easier to figure out prerequisites, if any, what terms each course is offered, and what academic goals are covered for transferring.