Reflection Room

The Reflection Room is currently located in College Services C3045. The Reflection Room is available to Normandale students, staff, and faculty for use. The purpose of the Reflection Room is to have a space on campus for quiet, reflective, meditation, or prayer purposes. Due to the construction in College Services, the Reflection Room will be relocated to a new space and building - still to be determined. Updates of the new location will be posted on this webpage, Student Roar Newsletter, and across campus.


What are Reflective Practices?

Based on the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing website, “Reflective practices are a way for us to become aware of our own state of being. Mindful reflection brings us back to ourselves, allowing us to come closer to our own body, emotions, thoughts, and spirit. This gives us an opportunity to settle into a fresh harmony and balance.”

Reflective practices come in a variety of forms to support individual mental, physical, emotional, and/or spiritual well being. Reflective practices can also be one form of self-care so individuals can take time to focus on themselves.

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*Disclaimer: Normandale is not the author or sole owner of the resource content being provided. Neither is Normandale responsible for details of the content given. Please practice at your own risk and consult with your provider or healthcare professionals beforehand if you have questions or concerns before you utilize the resources. 

Reflective/Meditation Practice Tips








Educational reflection


Reflective Websites/Resources


Guidelines for the Reflection Room:

  • This is a space for silent reflection
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in this room
  • This is a Technology-Free Zone. Silence and put away cell phones and devices
  • Leave the space as you find it - tidy and tranquil
  • You may use a cubby for your belongings
  • No items may be left or stored in the room
  • Candles, incense, and other flammable items are not allowed
  • This room is for meditative practices. Please use other spaces such as the Kopp Student Center or Library for conversations or studying.
  • If any concerns arise, contact the Dean of Students office at 952-358-8926 or after hours contact Public Safety at 952-358-8280

Note: Items left in the room without supervision will be taken to the Kopp Student Center Information Desk - Lost and Found (the room will be monitored daily) 

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