Recreational Sports

Recreational Sports at Normandale

Recreational Sports & Outdoor Recreation

Recreational Sports and Outdoor Recreation provide opportunities for Normandale students to meet new friends and stay active. A number of leisure time activities offer reasonably competitive programs in which students can perform the sports skills they have acquired - and develop new skills in an activity they enjoy.


Stop by the Activities Desk to register.

Submit the Participation Waiver for Recreational Sports on the first day of your event

For all intra/extramural sports, please register at the Activities Desk.                                                                                   

 ******All Club Sports are currently postponed until further notice******


**All intramural and extramural sports occur during the fall and spring semesters only.  There are no organized sports during the summer months.  

Metro Flag Football    

Sign Up For Flag Football Here

Dates: Sept 10th - Oct 17th
All Games Start at 2:30PM

9/10 BYE
9/12 @ Century College Century College
9/17 Home vs Inver Hills Inver Hills Community College
9/19 North Hennepin North Hennepin
9/24 Home vs Minneapolis College Marsh Lake Fields
9/26 BYE
10/01 Home vs Century Marsh Lake Fields
10/03 @ Inver Hills Inver Hills Community College

Home Vs
North Hennepin

Marsh Lake Fields
10/10 @ Minnepolis College Parade Stadium
10/15 Make Up Game-TBA

Thursday, October 17
@9AM Start
Game 1 - 9AM - #4 Seed vs #5 Seed 
Game 2 - 9AM - #3 Seed vs #6 Seed
Game 3 - 10:30AM - Winner G1 vs #1 Seed
Game 4 - 10:30AM - Winner G2 vs #2 Seed
3rd Place - 12PM - Loser G3 vs Loser G4
CHAMP - 12PM - Winner G3 vs Winner G4

Metro Basketball  

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Dates: March 19th - April 30th

3/17 TBA Inver Hills
3/19 Home vs Century 
3/24 @ North Hennepin
3/26 BYE

Home vs Minneapolis

4/2 Home vs Inver Hills
4/7 @ Century
4/9 Home vs North 
4/14 BYE
4/16 @ Minneapolis College
4/21 Makeup Game -TBA
4/23 Play-in Game #5 vs #4
4/28 Winner of Play-in Game vs #1
#3 Seed vs #2 Seed

Winner G1 vs Winner G2

Loser G1 vs Loser G2

Inver Hills - Finess Center/Gymnasium
Century College - Maplewood YMCA
North Hennepin - Health & Wellness Center
Minneapolis College - Bowman Hall/Gymnasium 

Metro Ice Hockey

Sign Up For Hockey Here
2020 Metro Ice Hockey League
Dates: Jan 23rd - March 3rd
Games Start at 1:10PM

1/23 @ Century Polar Arena
1/28 Home Vs Anoka Bloomington
Ice Garden
1/30 @ North Hennepin Brooklyn Park
Activities Center 
2/4 Home Vs Century Bloomington
Ice Garden
2/6 @ Anoka

Coon Rapids
Ice Arena

2/11 Home vs North                       Hennepin Bloomington
Ice Garden
2/13 @ Century Polar Arena
2/18 Home vs Anoka Bloomington
Ice Garden
2/20 @ North Hennepin Brooklyn Park
Activities Center
2/25 Home Vs Century Bloomington
Ice Garden
2/27 Makeup Game -TBA
3/3 #4 Seed vs #1 Seed
#3 Seed vs #2 Seed

Winner G1 vs Winner G2

Loser G1 vs Loser G2

Anoka - Coon Rapids Ice Arena
Century College - Polar Arena
North Hennepin - Brooklyn Park Activities Center

Metro Futsal/Soccer

Sign Up For Futsal/Soccer Here


 More to come… Stop by the Activities Desk and let us know what you're interested in!