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Internships offer career exploration and training in a supervised
work setting and combine theory with field experience.  If you need
help getting an internship check out our Resources and Links page.

Requirements for enrollment in an internship include:

  • Completion of at least one semester at Normandale prior to
    enrollment in the internship
  • Fulfillment of specific discipline prerequisites (see Getting Credit)
  • Professor approval
  • Good academic standing at the college
  • PSEO students are not elligible to do an internship for-credit


Students may earn 2-4 credits per semester. Students may take a
maximum of 8 credits in any discipline during their time at Normandale.
Internship credits cost the same as standard in-person courses.

Number of Credits              Minimum Hours/Semester                             

2 Credits 75 Hours/Semester 5 Hours/Week
3 Credits 113 Hours/Semester 7.5 Hours/Week
4 Credits 150 Hours/Semester 10 Hours/Week

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How to register for a normandale internship class:

1. Get an Internship

  • Students are expected to prepare a resume, apply and interview for positions, and obtain a position on their own.
  • Faculty members and the Center for Experiential Education Coordinators are available to provide guidance and resources for this process. 
  • Check out our Links and Resources page for resume help, internship search engines, and more.

2. Faculty Member Permission

  • Once you have obatined an internship, connect with the faculty member in the discipline you want to receive credit to let them know you are interested and to discuss your options for the internship site. See the online Courses Schedule for your assigned faculty member and search by discipline interest, or contact our office.
  • Determine with the faculty member how many credits you want for the internship course (see above for your options).
  • If possible, provide your internship position description to this meeting. A position description describes your role and tasks you will complete in the internship position.  

3. Register for the Internship Course

  • Email Katherine Moua (  Katherine will assist you in registering. 
  • Payment:

    • If you have financial aid: the course is covered within the terms of your financial aid award IF you register by the add deadline for the semester.
    • If you are paying for the course: payment is due by the payment deadline for the semester OR within 24 hours of registration if you register after the payment deadline for the semester.

 4. Begin Internship

  • Most of the time required for the class is completed at the internship site.  In addition to your time at your site you will complete academic assignments and communicate regularly with the internship faculty member.  The faculty member will tell you the assignment and communication expectations for the internship course. 

    • Your faculty member may work with you to complete the Student Internship Learning Agreement form, to help you set learning outcomes for the course.

    • Your site may be asked to sign and return the Internship Site Agreement.

5. Complete Evaluation

  • Site Evaluation: The Center for Experiential Education will email the site supervisor near the end of the term. On this evaluation the site supervisor confirms the number of hours you completed at the internship site. The site supervisor must return this evaluation.
  • Student Self Evaluation: The Center for Experiential Education will also email the student a self-evaluation. Completed evaluations are required to receive a grade.
  • The professor grades the student based on evaluation results, successful completion of hours and any assignments from the professor. Failure to complete any of these pieces may impact your grade for the course.


Contact the Center for Experiential Education, P 0806, (952) 358-8119 or make an appointment, here

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