For Faculty

Students may earn 2-4 internship credits per semester.  Students may take a maximum of 8 credits in any discipline.

2 Credits 75 Hours/Semester 5 Hours/Week
3 Credits 113 Hours/Semester 7.5 Hours/Week
4 Credits 150 Hours/Semester 10 Hours/Week

Internship Process for Faculty

1. Listing and Assigning Internship Courses:

  • Prior to the semester Center for Experiential Education (CEE) staff contact the Dean of each area to confirm which courses will be advertised to students on the online course schedule. 
  • If a student approaches the Center for Experiential Education wanting to complete an internship in a department that does not have a faculty assigned OR is not advertised to students, the CEE staff will contact the Dean to find out if they would like to identify a faculty member to teach the internship student. CEE will not register a student for a course that is not advertised without Dean consent.

2. Getting Internships:

Students are expected to prepare a resume, apply, interview, and obtain a position on their own.  But the Center for Experiential Education provides the following assistance and support:

  • Contact or (952) 358-8119 to get assistance or setup an appointment.
  • Resources on the CEE website
  • Internship resume and/or cover letter review
  • Discipline-specific internship recommendations

 Students wishing to use a current employer MUST be training in a new position or learn new skills for their internship. If students are completing an internship with a current employer, the site should provide an internship position description that specifies the new duties the student will do as part of their internship.

3. Faculty Member Permission

  • When you give student permission to register for an internship, email your approval to Katherine Moua at

  • The faculty member in the relevant discipline needs to approve the internship opportunity in order for the student to sign up for the internship course.  Work with the student to determine how many credits they want for the internship course (between 2-4 credits).

  • Faculty members should talk with the student to see if they’ve completed the prerequisites and should request a position description. 

  • Faculty member should get permission from their Dean to teach the internship course.
  • If a student wants to do an internship with their current employer you must communicate with the student to ensure they are learning a new skill or position as part of their internship.

4. Registration:

  • The student emails Katherine Moua at  Katherine will email the student to get the information needed for the Instructor Permission Form.  Katherine will submit the Instructor Permission Form for approvals. 

Registration deadlines:

  • In general, students must register for an internship by the drop/add deadline. In certain cases, students may register for internships up until the third week of the semester. If students receive the Pell Grant, they must register by the drop/add deadline.

5. After Internship Registration:

  • Faculty are responsible for providing students with assignments, deadlines, meeting times/online communication expectations, and grading the student. The course time for meeting with faculty and assignments averages an hour per week.

6. Faculty Payment:

  • CEE staff will send the Dean and the Dean’s Assistant a list of students and number of credits for each internship faculty/course around midterm. 
  • Faculty are compensated in accordance with the faculty contract. 1/17th of a credit per credit registered with a minimum of a half credit. These credits count as an overload if faculty are at full capacity on credits. See the faculty union contract if you have questions or contact your Dean.

7. Evaluation/Grading Process:

Site Evaluation:

  • The CEE office emails the host business an evaluation of the student at the end of the semester. CEE staff will send the faculty a copy of this evaluation when it is received. If you need this by a certain date, let the CEE coordinator know in advance. On the evaluation the supervisor is asked to confirm how many total internship hours the student has completed.

Student Evaluation:

  • The CEE office emails the student an evaluation of their experience. When this is received, a copy is sent to the faculty. If the student turns it directly into the faculty, send a copy to the CEE office.

It is not uncommon for a student to complete their internship off cycle from the semester. If a student will be completing their internship beyond the semester end, the faculty can assign an incomplete until the student finishes their internship.

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Contact the Center for Experiential Education via email at or phone (952) 358-8119