America Reads & Counts

Due to COVID-19 the America Reads and Counts program will not happen Fall 2020.  It is still to be determined if it will be oferred spring 2021.

America Reads and Counts is a program where Normandale students tutor Bloomington Public School youth in reading, math, and after school homework help.  

Your focus is typically helping youth who are below grade level in reading and/or math.  Most tutors work one-on-one with students or will help a number of students in a classroom.  Some tutors assist in an after-school homework help program.  If you qualify for work study you can get paid $10/hour to tutor.  You need your own transportation to and from the school; several schools are on the bus line. You must pass a background check (no cost to you).  Tutors have a set weekly schedule. Tutors spend 1 to 4 hours total a week during a set time at a Bloomington school; most tutors go to the school 1-2 times per week.  

Contact the Center for Experiential Education with any questions:  (952) 358-9074 or