Care Team

Normandale's behavioral intervention team (bit)

Call 911 if there's an imminent threat to anyone's personal safety or an emergency is in progress


To help maintain a safe learning environment.  The Care Team is charged with monitoring and responding to students who may be a potential risk to themselves or to others.


  • To repond to concerning student behaviors by bringing together multiple sources of campus information, forming a more complete picture of a student's behavior, and determining options.
  • To communicate with the campus community on how we can identify students in need of extra support and connect them to the correct resources.
  • To foster a culture of support and care for all students and employees

Types of behavior to refer to the Care Team

  • Demonstrating disruptive or disturbing behavior, especially if it's getting worse or not changing after an attempt to intervene
  • Showing dramatic changes in appearance, behavior or weight
  • Making disturbing comments in conversation, e-mail, letters, social media postings or papers
  • Experiencing dramatic mood shifts
  • Acting paranoid or suspicious
  • Frequently angry or easily frustrated

Click HERE to access the Student Referral Form

What happens once you submit the referral form?

  • You will receive an electronic confirmation the report has been submitted
  • You will be contacted to confirm receipt of the referral and you may be asked to share additional information about the situation
  • Your report will be reviewed and an action plan developed.  In most cases, the plan will include a formal investigation into the situation.  The Dean, or a representative, may meet with the student of concern and any potential witnesses indicated in the report