The Tutoring Center at Normandale Community College

Frequently Asked Tutoring Questions

What time is a tutor available for my class?

Peer tutors are available by appointment. Tutors are also available online at tutor.com 24/7. 

How do I access Tutor.com?

Tutor.com is available by logging into D2L and clicking on the "resource" tab at the top of the page. Scroll down to tutor.com. Each student has 15 hours for the academic year.

What if there is no tutor for my course?

Email your instructor during his/her office hours. You may also want to form an online study group with interested classmates. 

Where can I access resources for writing papers an academic research? 

Normandale ESL Tutors for Academic Writing and Reading are available by appointment.

What should I expect with online tutoring? 

Students should enter in an accurate email when booking an appointment with a Normandale tutor. The confirmation email will be sent to the email entered including a zoom link. Click on the link of the tutor you will meet with at your scheduled time. Have your textbook accessible along with questions. Appointments with Normandale tutors are approximately 30-45 minutes.