Financial Aid for Transfers

If you complete your financial aid file at another school and later decide to attend Normandale during that same school year, you must complete your financial aid file at Normandale. Financial aid does not transfer from one institution to another. To get that process started, you must add Normandale to your processed FAFSA.

You have two options (choose only one) to add Normandale to your processed FAFSA:

  • Process the change electronically. This is the recommended method.To request the change electronically:

    1. You must have a Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID) number. Click here if you do not remember your FSA ID.
    2. Go to FAFSA on the Web
    3. Login to your completed FAFSA as a Returning User.
    4. Add Normandale Community College, Code #007954, on the "School Information" Tab.
  • Telephone the Central Processor and request the change be made.
    To request the change by phone:

    1. Locate your Data Release Number (DRN), found in the upper right hand corner of your Student Aid Report.
    2. Call the Central Processor at: 1-800-433-3243.
    3. Follow the directions of the automated response system to add Normandale Community College, Code #007954. Normandale will receive your information in about 10 days.