Success Through Advising & Resources (STAR) Program

Learn more about the Star (Success Through Advising & Resources) Program 

About the Program
The Success Through Advising & Resources (STAR) Program provides additional support services, academic advising, and career counseling to students pursing certain degrees or certificates who are also on SNAP (food stamps).  

Purpose of the Program

  • Provide basic needs support and career-focused training to students on SNAP  
  • Assist participants in identifying barriers to academic success and defining achievable goals 
  • Help them graduate with the skills needed to find eventual employment through personalized career development services 


Enroll in Qualifying Degree Program
Students pursing an Associate of Science (AS), Associate of Applied Science (AAS), or Certificate are eligible. See the dropdown menu below to find if your major qualifies. 

Enrolled in SNAP
SNAP, also sometimes referred to as food stamps or EBT, is a food assistance program which provides monthly benefits to help you pay for groceries. Nationwide, SNAP programs are under-utilized by college students. There have been recent changes to SNAP eligibility so more college students qualify. If you are interested but are not enrolled in SNAP, see the dropdown menu below for resources to help you sign up for SNAP.   

Find Out More
This program occurs during the fall and spring semesters. If you are interested in the STAR Program please review the Program Requirements (in the drop down below) and then fill out our STAR Program Interest Form.

For more Information about the program contact: 

Normandale STAR Program Counselor 
Valerie Dean
(952) 358-8253 


STAR Program

How to Enroll in SNAP

  • To participate in the STAR Program you must be enrolled in SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).   
  • SNAP is a federal food assistance program which provides monthly benefits to help individuals and families pay for groceries. SNAP is also sometimes referred to as food stamps or EBT.  Find out more about SNAP here
  • Apply here:
  • If you need help figuring out if you qualify for and applying to SNAP you can: 
  • If you need additional food support Normandale has an on-campus food shelf the Campus Cupboard and a Student Resource Center.   

Program Benefits

a. Dedicated counselor to help navigate college
b. Assistance with career development and academic planning  
c. Help accessing emergency grants 

Program Requirements

Program Components

  • Get monthly support from a Normandale Counselor focusing on specific areas of academic planning and career exploration. 
  • Assistance accessing emergency grants and referrals to support services.