PSEO Textbook & Materials

PSEO Textbooks

The cost for all course tuition, fees and required textbooks are covered under the PSEO program. It also covers consumable supplies that are required specifically for a class, such as art supplies, film, etc. Any materials required for the course, including but not limited to, calculators, software and consumables (i.e., art supplies used during a course) must be provided by the postsecondary institution. Textbooks and materials provided to the student are the property of the postsecondary institution and must be returned by the student after the course has ended.
The program does not cover general school supplies such as notebooks, pens, pencils, etc., or non-consumable supplies such as, instrument rental, uniforms, etc.

Thank you for your patience while we worked through some technical issues for PSEO textbook ordering.  We apologize for any inconvenience. Go to PSEO textbooks to place an order for books.


 I was just wondering if I was supposed to order books like a normal student.  If so would I have to buy a new or used books? 

You will order textbooks like any other students, but the checkout process is PSEO-specific.  When ordering please select New and Print whenever the choices are presented to you.  You must also check that you are picking up your books, this is required for PSEO students.  

What if I still have questions or I am have technical issues with placing a book order?

The technical issue the bookstore was experiencing has been fixed. If for some reason you do receive an error message, please contact the bookstore at .

I noticed we needed Normandale student ID's to get our books.  How am I supposed to get a photo ID? How would I get my books if I did not have one?

Normandale does not require a Normandale photo ID to pick up books.  A high school ID, driver’s license, or state ID are a few examples of the IDs you may use to pick up books. However, the Kopp Student Center ID Card Services Office is open!  If you are planning to visit campus, please be sure to review the Coming to Campus? information at the top of our  web home page for COVID-19 related information and resources.

PSEO Textbooks and Materials Return Policy

According to MN Statutes section 124D.09 Subd. 20,

“All textbooks and equipment provided to a pupil and paid for under subdivision 13, are the property of the pupil's postsecondary institution. Each pupil is required to return all textbooks and equipment to the postsecondary institution after the course has ended.”

Therefore, all PSEO textbooks and materials must be returned to the Normandale Bookstore by the last day of Finals Week within the semester in which the books were used.

If a PSEO student fails to return textbooks and materials to the Bookstore by the end of Finals week, a hold will be placed on the student's record. The student will not be able to purchase any additional books and materials for the following semester until the books are returned and a late fee is paid in full at the Textbook Depot.

Students who wish to participate in the PSEO program for subsequent semesters must complete and submit the “Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program Notice of Student Enrollment” Form (Form ED-01763-11) to the Records Office each semester.