Get a StarID

Carefully read through the following instructions on how to retrieve your StarID and the format requirements for creating a password.

Activate Your Star ID

Then go to the StarID website to activate your StarID.

Social security number or personal email address?

If you applied online, you created a StarID and password to get started.  If you don't remember your StarID and password, click on "What is my Star ID".  

If you applied on paper,
 click on "Activate My Star ID".
  • If you are certain you included your Social Security number on your application and you know your Student ID click on the "I know Tech ID (Student ID)" link, then follow the prompts.

  • If you are not sure, or you know you did not provide your social security number on your application for Normandale, you will have to activate your StarID by selecting "I know my email address" and use the persoanl email address you provided on your Normandale application. If you use the personal email option, a verification code will be sent to that email address. Return to the StarID site and select the 'I have a verification code' option, entering the code sent to your email and create a password.  If you require assistance, please contact the Normandale ITS Help Desk at 952-358-8181.  

  • If your StarID is already activated, but you are having difficulty using it to log in, you may only need to reset your password.

Here are the steps involved in getting your Star ID

Click "Activate StarID":

Activate Your Star ID Landing Page


To begin, click the "Activate StarID" link.




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Select Which Method You Want to Use to Activate Your StarID:

Active Your Star ID Main Page



For Students, you will be presented with 4 choices to activate your Star ID.

Only 3 are used by Normandale:

  1. Tech ID (Student ID)
  2. Library Bar Code (NOT an option at Normandale)
  3. Personal Email Address
  4. Verification Code

The two most popular are #1 (Tech ID) and #3 (Personal Email).

Option #4 (Verfication Code) is used by students who use the Personal Email Address Option.

A temporary code will be sent to your personal email address and you have ONE hour to enter that in to the Verification Code form linked on that page to activate your StarID. You can only use this temporary code ONCE.

So it's important to check your email after you use option 3.

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Option 1: Using Your Tech ID to Activate Your StarID

Activate Your StarID with Your Tech ID

For Option 1, you need your Tech ID (which was sent to you in your acceptance letter OR if you already have your photo student ID, it's on the back) and your Social Security Number.

If you don't have a Social Security Number, use Option 3, using your personal email address.

IE browser users note that you have to click in another field on the form to make the "blue" go away in order to select Normandale on that form (see screen capture to the left).

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Option 3: Using Your Personal Email Address to Activate Your StarID

Using Your Personal Email Address to Activate Your StarID

If you get an error AFTER you enter your personal email address (when you press CONTINUE), that means the one you entered on this form was not the same one you entered on your Normandale application form.


To use this option if that happens, you need to either:

  • Try calling the HELP LINE 952-358-8181 during normal business hours ( 8.a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday) or
  • Fill out an Address/Email Change PDF form and fax it into Records (follow the directions on the form): Name and Address Change Form

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What are the password rules?

To protect your private information, you need to choose a complex password and are required to change it every 180 days.

You will be sent an email notice when your password changes or is about to expire.

Rather than send a notice to every email address on your profile, the system will use your preferred email.

If you have only one address on your StarID profile, that is your preferred email. If you have more than one, you can log into Manage Profile to update it.

Your password:

  • Has to have between 8 to 28 characters
  • Has to have at least three of the following types of characters:
    • uppercase letter
    • lowercase letter
    • number
    • special character such as ! @ # $ % ^ * () _ + = - ` { } [ ] < > ?
  • Can't be recycled later for a StarID: it can only be used for one cycle.

Tips for creating passwords as well as steps to change your password can be found here.

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Forgot your StarID or Password?

Forget Your StarID Form?

Click here to access the online form for this.

^ On that page, you will first be required to verify your identity by providing one of the following sets of identifiers:

  • Tech ID and your social security number
  • The Personal Email Address associated with your eServices account
  • Verification Code: a temporary code sent to you via the personal email you have in your student record with the college.

Need Help?
Contact the Normandale ITS Help Desk at 952-358-8181

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