Course Placement Appeals

If a student is dissatisfied with their course placement, they may appeal their placement level up to one week prior to the start of classes for a semester.  The final day to file an appeal for fall term 2022 is August 15, 2022.   

The student must provide appropriate documentation to support the appeal. The student will be contacted by email with the result of their appeal. You can begin your appeal by submitting a Course Placement Appeal Form with attached supporting documentation.

Please gather as many of these supporting documents as you can before beginning the appeal process:
Normandale transcript or transcripts from other colleges if you have taken coursework elsewhere
High school transcript
Test scores: ACT, SAT, MCA, GED, and/or TABE
OPTIONAL: a letter of recommendation from a college instructor explaining why they recommend your placement
   be changed

Math Appeals

After submitting this information, you can expect these placement decisions to be made within a week of submission of your complete appeal form.  Please note that the latest date to begin the appeals process for a particular semester is up to one week before the start of that semester.

Reading and English Appeals

1. Submit the eform to begin the process, using the link above. 

2. After submitting the eform, you will receive a skills assessment that will be e-mailed to your student e-mail account. Follow the directions in the assessment to complete the process. You must complete the assessment within two weeks of receiving it, or your appeal will be denied.  

3. After submitting the skills assessment, you will receive the results of your appeal within two weeks. Please note that the latest date to begin the appeals process for a particular semester is up to one week before the start of that semester.