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On Your Way to a Dental Hygiene Career

Thank you for your interest in our dental hygiene program. We have a competitive admissions process and students with a strong science background usually do well in the application process.

You can apply for the Dental Hygiene program for Fall 2024

*Note that the application process is different for new and returning students. Please review the steps to apply and the minimum course requirements. Find detailed program requirements.

Minimum Course Requirements

A grade of C or higher is needed in each of these courses:

Courses Course Name Credits
College-level mathematics placement Completion of an appropriate developmental math course (MATH 0630, 0990, or 0995) within 2 years of the December 31 admission deadline grade C, P or higher 0
ENGC 1101 College Writing 4
CHEM 1050 Foundations of Organic and Biochemistry or equivalent 3
BIOL 2041 Human Anatomy with a lab or equivalent 4
BIOL 2042 Human Physiology with a lab or equivalent, or show registration in this course for spring semester. If an applicant is accepted into the dental hygiene program, final admission is contingent upon completion of the required BIOL 2042 course with a grade of C or higher. 4
BIOL 2043 To increase the science rankings points on the Dental Hygiene application, it is recommended for applicants to complete Microbiology prior to applying to the Dental Hygiene program. 4


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Health Sciences Enrollment Manager


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