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Bloodborne Pathogen Policy

We're Committed to Your Safety

Normandale follows strict safety standards to maintain a safe environment for all patients, students, faculty and staff in our dental hygiene program.

Clinical and lab training in our program may expose students to diseases carried in saliva and blood. Our dental hygiene clinic and labs strictly follow local, state and federal infection control procedures to minimize and manage the risk of transmitting diseases such as the hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Dental hygiene faculty monitor student compliance of these policies to ensure a safe environment for all patients, students, faculty and staff. Students must provide proof of compliance with Normandale Community College immunization requirements.

Normandale Policies and Procedures for bloodborne pathogens and infection control management are available to applicants and patients upon request.


Jodsaas Science Center, S 2410

Hours: Hours vary by semester and are determined by student schedules. Fall Semester (Mid-September – Mid-December): Mondays-Wednesdays Spring Semester (Late January - Early May): Mondays-Fridays

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