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Vocational Careers

Vocational Careers

High Demand, Satisfying Work

If you’re tired of your current job and feel like you can’t get ahead, it might be time to search for a new career. Vocational certifications and credentials with Normandale can prepare you for a brand-new career in construction, medical, technology, the trades and beyond. Vocational careers can quickly allow you to start working and earning a paycheck. Employers are desperate for workers and are struggling to fill positions.  

Whatever your reason for making a switch to a new career, we can help you find the class, program, and certification you’re looking for. Skill up with Normandale with our self-paced, online courses.

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Vocational and Trade Workers are in High Demand

The average age of someone working in skilled trade careers today is around 55.  Compare that to the average age of all working Americans, which is 44. This means that many working in the skilled trades are close to retirement and will be exiting the workforce soon. There is an incredible need for people working in the skilled trades today and an increasing demand for skilled trade workers for years to come. Source:

Unique to vocational and trade work are the specialized skills required to do that work. It is difficult to outsource these skills and most work is difficult to automate or replace with robotics which can provide good career stability.

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Normandale offers more than 100 self-paced, online programs that prepare you for a new job in technology, construction, the trades, or the medical industry plus more. Learn on your own schedule at your own pace and earn the credentials you need to pursue a new career.


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