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Business Skills

To Thrive in Today's Workspace

People pursue professional development in business skills for a variety of reasons. Some individuals want to become more efficient at their jobs so they can work smarter and find more enjoyment in their work. Others want to gain confidence in their skill sets to prove to themselves and their employer or future employer that they have what it takes to perform. And some people seek opportunities to feel fulfilled by learning new, interesting skills with like-minded classmates.

Whatever your reason for seeking training in business skills, we can help you find the class, program, and certification you’re looking for. From data analytics and IT to sales, supervision, and leadership, skill up with Normandale.

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Courses, Workshops and Certificates

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Career Training Programs

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Employee Learning Solutions

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Keep Up and Stay Ahead

Careers today often demand more skills than are listed in their job descriptions. Professionals are expected to not only be experts in their fields, but be able to analyze data, problem-solve, lead teams, and adapt to rapidly changing technology.

Professional development in these and other business skills can help you become the well-rounded, high-performing professional many companies actively search for. Investing in your skills can help you get ahead and stay ahead.

Put Your Trust in Normandale

Discover what makes Normandale different from other learning opportunities, from our thoughtful course design by subject matter experts to our diverse learning opportunities that meet you where you’re at.

Thoughtful Course Design 

Normandale’s business skills courses are structured with approachable learning hours and just the right amount of class time to learn the what, why, and how of critical concepts. You’ll put these concepts into practice and take what you learn in class and apply it to your own work environment.

We continuously update and improve our course design based on learner feedback and industry changes. Expect concepts to be introduced in a logical order and build on each other so you feel challenged but never confused.

Knowledgeable Industry Experts  

Normandale’s instructors are industry and subject-matter experts who help you transform your classroom learning into actionable skills, knowledge, and capabilities. Our talented instructors facilitate learning through doing and care about you and your individual needs.

Diverse Learning Opportunities  

Choose a class that fits your learning style and your schedule. Normandale offers some courses online self-paced, online self-paced instructor-supported, virtual live, and/or in-person classes that offer rich experiences for all types of learners.

When you build your business skills program with Normandale, you can take advantage of all of these learning opportunities or stick with the type that works best for you. You can also participate in one or more of the many workshops we host that allow you to build skills in just a day or two.


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