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Integrative Health

Normandale is committed to offering the best in health and healing education. Our courses are designed for health professionals as well as individuals who are interested in furthering their own knowledge in the areas of health education and integrative healing practices.

We believe that living a prosperous and nourishing life means a balance of professional and personal wellness. Come explore courses, certifications, and enriching podcast with global experts discussing new and different ways to support your body, mind, and spirit.

Whatever your approach to wellness, let us help you discover or dive deeper into health approaches for yourself, your family and friends, or those you serve as a service/helping professional.

About Integrative Health and Wellness

Integrative health is also known as complementary or alternative medicine. Unlike the Western medical model, integrative health focuses on prevention and increasing the well-being of healthy people, as well as treating the whole person when illnesses or injuries occur. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health describes the multiple approaches to health, including complementary, alternative, and integrative health. 

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Integrative Programs and Resources

We offer everything from mindfulness, herbal studies, energy healing modalities like reiki, to body movement work such as tai chi and qigong for true “whole-person” health.

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Healing Practices

Reiki, healing touch, aromatherapy, herbalism, nutrition, Ayurveda, and more.

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Movement and Bodywork

Tai chi, qigong, yoga, kinesiology, muscle testing, and more.

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Get certified in healing touch, reiki, and more.

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Online Programs

Certificate in Complementary Health, Energy Medicine, Global Healing Systems and more.

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Podcasts, Articles, Research

Listen to global health experts on Learning Well podcast and read informative articles and research.

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Workplace Wellness Programs

Bring the gift of wellbeing to your employees.

Continuing Education CEUs, Contact Hours

Normandale Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Our accreditation ensures that our curricula, faculty, and student support meet or exceed national standards. For you, this means you can trust that the learning you engage in with us is high-quality, reputable, and relevant. Many of our health and wellness programs qualify for healthcare continuing education contact hours in nursing and other professions.

Teaching Opportunities

Our programming is collaboratively developed and delivered by industry subject matter experts. If you have an interest in becoming part of our instructional team, let us know!

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Continuing Education and Customized Training (CECT)

Partnership Center

Suite P1820

Hours: M-F 8:00am-4:30pm

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