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Herbalism is the oldest and most widespread form of healing on planet earth, generally regarded as safer and just as effective (if not more) as orthodox medicine and easily learned and used by the lay person. Learn to apply herbal therapy through the use of tinctures, glycerites, teas, capsules, poultices, compresses, and salves to support the constitution referencing an array of conditions; and in close consideration of guidelines to indications, dosage, and contraindications through Herbalism Certificate. 

You can sign up for all of the courses to earn the Herbalism Certificate or individual courses.

  • The Development, Forms and Energetics of Herbal Therapy - Part 1
  • The Development, Forms and Energetics of Herbal Therapy - Part 2
  • The Constituents and Properties of Herbs - Part 1
  • The Constituents and Properties of Herbs - Part 2
  • Herbs for the Immune and Endocrine or Respiratory System
  • Herbs for Digestion and Elimination or Herbs for Liver Function and Detoxification
  • Herbs for the Cardiovascular System or Herbs for the Lymphatic and Urinary Systems
  • Herbs for the Mind, Spirit, Emotions and Neuromuscular Systems or Herbs for Women's Reproductive Health



Matthew Alfs, M.H., A.H.G. is a practitioner, educator, and writer in the field of herbal therapy. He is a nationally peer-reviewed professional member of the American Herbalists Guild, the Director of the Midwest School of Herbal Studies and has authored numerous articles on herbal therapy.

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