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Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for stress reduction and health. 

Our well-rounded courses address both the science and art of aromatherapy.  The chemistry, safety and the olfactory system are covered, along with the therapeutic benefits, and methods of choosing and mixing oils for unique needs.  Aromatherapy addresses mental, emotional and energetic wellbeing.

Did You Know?

In England in 2002, researchers found that applying lemon balm oil to the faces and arms of patients with severe dementia reduced their agitation by 35 percent

At Wesleyan University of Connecticut in 2005, researchers found that the scent of lavender increased deep, restful sleep for both men and women.

A Scottish study in 1998 showed that a combination of cedarwood, lavender, rosemary, and thyme oils promoted hair growth among patients with alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder that causes hair to fall out.


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