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Learn while you earn


Want to enter the workforce but not sure you have the skills you need to succeed? Learn on the job, meet new coworkers, and find work more enjoyable and fulfilling with an apprenticeship program with Normandale and our employer partners. You’ll complete coursework at Normandale while earning a salary and gaining the confidence you need to feel capable and empowered in your career.

Begin Your Career with an Apprenticeship Program

The Aon Corporate Apprenticeship program seeks individuals who want to learn. You will earn your degree by splitting your time between working and completing your classes. 

Explore Available Apprenticeships

Learn While You Earn with an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are opportunities to earn your degree and a paycheck while your employer pays for your tuition, books, and fees. Our apprenticeship partners are looking for motivated individuals who want to learn while they earn in fast-paced academic and work environments.

Apprentices split their 40-hour work week between working and completing classes at Normandale Community College. After two years, they earn an Associate’s Degree from Normandale and a competitive salary with their employer with the opportunity for promotion.

What We Offer

Discover what makes Normandale different from other learning opportunities, from our thoughtful course design by subject matter experts to our diverse learning opportunities that meet you where you’re at.


Continuing Education and Customized Training (CECT)

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