Payment Arrangements


When you register for classes, you are responsible for the tuition and fees. There are various ways to pay your bill and make sure your registration is not dropped: 

Your plan to pay:What you need to do:
Financial Aid                                  

File a Free Application for Federal Student Aid or MN Dream Act application with the Normandale financial aid office. 

Monthly PaymentsSign up for the Nelnet Payment Plan with the required down payment. Visit the Payment Plan page for more information.
Pay in FullPay your tuition and fees in full through eServices.
Down PaymentMake payment of 15% of your tuition and fees or $300, whichever is less. You are encouraged to set up a payment plan for your remaining balance.
Third Party*Submit a Third Party Billing Authorization to the Payments and Billing Office. Visit the Third Party page for more information.
Veteran's Benefits

Request VA certification from the School Certifying Office and submit a Deferment Request. Visit the Veteran's Benefits page for more information. 


Provide proof of scholarship or the scholarship check to the Payments and  Billing Office. Visit the Third Party Page for more information.


Submit your PSEO Notice of Student Registration form each semester.  Visit the PSEO page for more information.

*Third Party is when someone else, such as your employer or benefits administrator, is paying your tuition.

How do I know I won’t be dropped?
When you’ve made payment arrangements, you will see a green checkmark in eServices under Bills and Payment. This tells Normandale that you plan to attend your classes and pay your bill. If you see a RED stop sign, you have not yet made payment arrangements. 


If I don’t plan on attending, what should I do?
If you change your mind and don’t plan to take classes, you must drop them or you will be billed for them. You may drop them in eServices or in person at the Registration & Records Office.

Dropping your classes prior to the start of the term allows another student to add the class(es) to their schedule. You will want to drop by the deadline to avoid being charged for your classes. See the dropping your classes page.