Drop for Nonpayment

Drop for non-payment policy

Minnesota State Colleges & Universities' Board Policy allows the college the right to drop any student from their classes for non-payment unless their tuition is deferred. The college also reserves the right to drop any student from their classes if there is a balance due for prior term/semester. The Payments & Billing Office's tuition deferment criteria is available under the Tuition Deferrals webpage.

Student Responsibilities

It is ultimately the responsibility of each and every student to

  • Be aware of the financial consequence for each drop/add/withdraw transaction that will be processed, or has been processed, in-person at the college or online.
  • Be aware of the college's policies in regard to refunds.
  • Drop their classes by the established deadline if they do not plan on attending and not to rely on the college to drop them.
  • Pay for their classes, or have their tuition deferred, by all established deadlines.
    • Even though a student may have their tuition deferred, it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to make sure their account balance gets paid in full by the established due date.
  • Ask questions if there is uncertainty about a policy or procedure.
  • Periodically review their account online to view the balance due and academic holds placed on their account.

Please note that failure to attend your classes (including receiving a grade of F, FN, FW, or W) can lead to financial aid repayment.

The college reserves the right to make any changes to the Drop For Non-Payment policy at any time.