Scholarships for Current & Returning Students

Academy of Math and Science Scholars

What is the Academy of Math and Science?

The Academy of Math and Science at Normandale Community College is a program that provides selected students with keys to success:

  • A Scholarship of up to $3000 (less other federal/state grants received) for each cohort member to minimize the need for student loans or working
  • A Mentor for personal guidance and tutoring
  • A Cohort, or group, of students for peer support

Who is the Academy looking for?

The Normandale Community College Academy of Math and Science is looking for students who have an interest in math, science, or any of the STEM courses, but may lack the finances or the confidence to pursue a college education. We especially want to support students in the following categories:

  • Students of color
  • Students of economic disadvantage
  • Students of immigrant parents who are themselves immigrants to the United States
  • Students whose parents did not attend college
  • Other interested students should also apply

Selected students must major in science, technology, engineering or math or be studying in the teacher education program with a declared math or science middle school specialty.

Selected students must make a 2-year commitment to the program.

Student continuation in the program is evaluated each semester and is based on academic performance, participation in cohort activities and mentoring meetings.

For complete information and the online scholarship application, visit the Academy of Math and Science website.

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Normandale Departmental Scholarships and Awards

Applications, eligibility criteria and deadlines for the following additional Normandale Scholarships and Awards are determined separately by individual departments. Please contact these departments for application information, criteria and deadlines. This list is subject to change as additional scholarship programs are added. 

  • Anthropology Scholarship (Anthropology Department)
  • Barbara Rhomberg Excellence in Nursing Scholarship (Nursing Department)
  • Bruce Lindgren Scholarship (Biology Department)
  • Bryant Art Scholarship (Art Department)
  • Gary Bartlett Memorial Scholarship (World Languages Department)
  • Global Studies Scholarship (Study Abroad Program)
  • MacDonald Geography-Geology Department Merit Scholarship (Geography-Geology Department)
  • Mark Welter World Citizen Award (World Languages Department)
  • Pinsonneault Music Scholarship (Music Department)
  • Jim & Linda Wallace Theatre Scholarship (Theatre Department)
  • Excellence in Theatre Scholarship (Theatre Department)
  • Upward Bound Scholarship (Upward Bound Department)