Expanded Academic ASAP

How to create persistent links in Expanded Academic ASAP

  1. Connect to the Expanded Academic ASAP database. (Note: If you are off campus, you will need to login with your StarID and password. Off-campus access instructions.)
  2. Perform your search and choose a full-text article.
  3. Click the article title to view the full-text article.
  4. Click the "Bookmark" icon in the upper right of the screen to display a persistent link or "Bookmark URL."
  5. Highlight and copy the URL.
    Note: This URL will work off campus despite not showing the proxy prefix. You do not have to add the proxy code.

If you will be posting the link to D2L Brightspace, please read about linking to library resources in D2L Brightspace.


Test! Copy and paste the new link into your browser address bar to make sure it works (remove any spaces in the URL).

Linking to articles in Expanded Academic ASAP database
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Follow the same instructions when creating persistent links in these databases: Business Collection, Computer Database, Educator's Reference Complete, Gale Literary Sources, Gale Virtual Reference Library, General OneFile, General Reference Center Gold, General Science Collection, Health and Wellness Resource Center, Health Reference Center Academic, Informe Academico, InfoTrac Newsstand, LegalTrac, Literature Resource Center, Nursing and Allied Health Collection, Professional Collection, Research in Context, Student Edition.

Need assistance? Ask a Librarian or call the Library at (952) 358-8290.