Library Services

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Your Library Account
Your Library account lets you see what items you have checked out, request renewals for Normandale Library items, check status of you interlibrary loan items, and see items you have booked. More >>

Borrowing Materials from Normandale Library
All materials are checked out at the Circulation Desk using a Normandale Library card. More >>

Interlibrary Loan
Interlibrary Loan, or ILL, is a service that borrows books and acquires copies of articles from journals that Normandale Library doesn't own. More >>

Faculty Services
We offer a wide range of services to support teaching, research, course development, educational technology, online publishing, and More >>

Library Instruction
The goal of the library instruction program is to help students become efficient, effective and independent researchers who are able to use a variety of library and information resources and to think critically as they gather and use information. More >>

Library Computing Services
Library computers are available to support teaching, learning and research and offer a variety of software. More >>

Off Campus Access
How to access the Library's databases from home. More >>

Online Learners
The Normandale Library offers a range of services for students and faculty working away from campus. More >>

Reference Services
Need some help with your research? We have experienced librarians ready to give you a hand no matter where you are. More >>

Still can't find what you're looking for?
Ask a Librarian. Contact us with instant messaging, email, phone, or in person. More >>