Library Research Lab

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Library Research Laboratory

Library Research Laboratory (LRL), room L3711, is located on the upper level of the Library. Library Research Laboratory serves as the main Library Research Instruction classroom.

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Library Research Lab Policies

  1. Library Research Lab is a quiet study area.
  2. Headphones must be worn when listening to music or media within the lab (Note: Headphones are available for check out at the Open Lab Help Desk).
  3. Cell phone conversations are prohibited in the Library Research Lab.
  4. Course work takes priority over e-mail, browsing, etc. If you choose to use Library Research Lab computers for recreational purposes during times of peak use, you may be asked to give up your computer.
  5. No food or drinks are allowed in the Library Research Lab.
  6. Children are prohibited from the LRL.
  7. You cannot install, change, or delete any information on any of Normandale Community College computers or related equipment.
  8. Students are responsible for their personal items while in the lab.

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Student Responsibilities

As a student of Normandale, the Library staff expect you to be familiar with the software you are using for your classes in the Library Research Lab.
The Library Research Lab staff is not always familiar with all software and classroom assignments.  If students have specific problems with an assignment or software from their class, they should discuss this with their instructor. 
Library Research Lab staff members are available to assist students with hardware and software problems but not to explain class software assignments or tutor students in unfamiliar software.

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Hardware & Software

The Library Research Laboratory (LRL) is equipped with 26 PCs and one black-and-white laser printer. All computers have internet access, DVDRW drives, USB ports, headphone jacks, and 50 MB of available network space for saving files.

The Library Research Laboratory has wireless connectivity as well.

Windows 10
Microsoft Office 2016 (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.)
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

LRL Help Desk staff provide basic support for library research, hardware and software.

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Login Procedure:

To log into campus computers, Normandale students need their StarID.

Click here to get instructions on how to retrieve your StarID and the format requirements for creating a password. Then go to the StarID website to activate your StarID.

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Printing Information

No Student ID is required to print in the Library Research Lab.

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Tip Sheets:

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Fall & Spring Semester
Monday - Thursday: 9:00 am - 4:45 pm
Friday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Semester Break / Non-Class Days
Monday - Friday: Hours vary
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Summer Sessions - Closed

*If No classes are scheduled, the Library Research Lab is open.

Print the Library Research Lab Information brochure

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