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Students at Normandale


Admission Requirements

Any individual who has graduated from high school or passed the General Education Development (GED) examination is eligible for admission to Normandale Community College.  Admission to the College does not automatically qualify a student for all courses and programs. 

Admission to Normandale Community College is open to all students meeting the College's admission requirements.  The process of enrollment generally involves four steps:

1.  Submitting a completed application, transcripts and application fee;

2.  Receiving a letter from the Normandale Office of Admissions
      indicating that the student has been accepted for admission to the

3.  Completing or receiving waivers for all required placement testing; and

4.  Completing an online orientation program and attending the required Advising and Registration program.

These steps may vary somewhat depending on the applicant's background, academic record or status.  However, most students admitted to Normandale will be required to complete each of these steps in order to enroll in classes.  Select a link below to learn how to apply to Normandale Community College:

First Time General Students- New college student with no previous college experience.

Transfer Student - A student with previous college experience or those planning to transfer credit to Normandale Community College

International Students - A student seeking admission to the college who is not a U. S. citizen or is not a U.S. immingrant seeking an F-1 visa.

Visiting Student - A student who is currently enrolled at another college or university

Post Secondary Enrollment Options - Minnesota high school juniors and seniors who want to take college level courses while still attending high school.

Summer High School Enrollment - Minnesota high school juniors and seniors who want to take college level courses during the summer months.

 Degree Seeking vs. Non-Degree Seeking

Students entering Normandale must declare themselves either degree seeking or non-degree seeking at the time they apply for admission.  Degree seeking students are indivudals with the goal of pursuing coursework leading to a certificate, two-year degree or eventual transfer of their credits to another degree-granting college or university.  Students who are uncertain about their interest in eventually using their accumulated credits towards a possible certificate, degree or transfer are strongly advised to declalre themselves as a degree seeking student at the time they apply for admission.

Non-degree seeking students are individuals whose goal is to take a limited number of courses for the purposes of personal or professional enrichment and who have no intention of accumulating credits toward a certificate or degree.  It is recommended to verify how your Normandale courses will transfer to another institution before enrolling.  Course transfer is determined by the receiving institution.  Non-Degree Seeking students are:

  • not eligible for financial aid through Normandale Community College

  • must meet all pre-requisities and placement levels required for course registration

  • must submit official transcripts for review to meet pre-requisites

  • are not required to attend an Advising and Registration session