Normandale Community College Foundation


Scholarship Information

Normandale Community College Foundation provides scholarship awards each year to Normandale students. Annual scholarship awards generally range in value from $500 to $3,000 and are available for full-time and part-time students. Awards are usually divided equally between each semester.

Normandale Community College Foundation makes scholarship funds available to new and current/returning students. For further information on the scholarship application process, click HERE.

Scholarships:  Deadline for all Students: June 1. 

Questions?  If you have any questions about how to apply for a scholarship please contact the Foundation office at 952-358-8147 or email us at

List Of Scholarships

Scholarships that you will be Considered for Upon Completing the General Scholarship Application Form

Adkins Family Scholarship
Aftab Hasnain Endowed Scholarship
Alice Seagren Scholarship
Biology Deparment Endowed Scholarship
Bruce Lindgren Scholarhsip
Chorzempa Family Scholarship
Dental Hygiene Faculty & Alumni Scholarship
The John E. Desmond and Jane C. Desmond Foundation Success Through Perserverance Scholarship
Donald and Ramona Johnstone Memorial Scholarship
Dr J. Premanand Endowment Scholarhip
Earl Joseph Endowment Scholarship
Elisabeth Rosenberg Endowed Scholarship
Ernie and Jeanne Lindstrom Scholarship
Jason Horak Memorial Scholarship
Jodsaas Math and Science Scholarship
Joe Opatz and Pamela Steckman Endowed Scholarship
Kevin Downey Memorial Scholarship
Mains'l Making A Difference Scholarship
Nadine Bordwell Dental Hygiene Scholarship
Nancy Stein Endowed Scholarship
NCC Achievement Scholarship
NCC Presidential Scholarship
NCC Returning Adult Scholarship
Normandale Retiree Scholarship
Nursing Alumni Scholarship
Nursing Faculty Scholarship
Peggy Kelly Memorial Scholarship
RBCU (Richfield Bloomington Credit Union) Scholarship
Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Scholarship
Robert Erickson Part-Time Returning Adult Scholarship
Robert Farley Ogden Endowed Scholarship
Ruth Kwait Scholarship
Social Science Scholarship
Stan Magnuson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Wells Fargo Scholarship

Please Talk to Department Faculty Members for Information on Departmental Scholarships

Anthropology Scholarship (Anthropology Department)
Bryant Art Scholarship (Art Department)
Felicity Abby Jane Mathieu Art Scholarship (Art Department)
Normandale Business Institute Scholarship (Business Department)
Chemistry Department Scholarship (Chemistry Department)
Don Reznicek Chemistry Department Scholarship (Chemistry Department)
Communication Department Scholarship (Communication Department)
Dental Hygiene Advanced Practice Scholarship (Dental Hygiene Program)
Dental Hygiene Scholarship (PEW) (Dental Hygiene Program)
Dental hygiene Student Scholarship (Dental Hygiene Program)
Mary Brunkhorst Memorial (Dental Hygiene Program)
Normandale Economics Institute Scholarship (Economics Department)
Mae Weiss Scholarship (Education Department)
Nelson-Brinkman Scholarship (Education Department)
Rask Educational Scholarship (Education Department)
English Department Study Abroad Scholarship (English Department)
Outstanding Literature Student Scholarship (English Department)
Patsy Lea Core Award (English Department)
Fred Moyer Memorial Merit (Exercise Science Program)
NETA Scholarship (Exercise Science Program)
The Torch Bearer Scholarship (Experiential Education)
Finish Line Scholarship (Finish Line Scholars Program)
MacDonald Geography/Geology Scholarship (Geography/Geology Department)
Global Studies Scholarship (Global Studies Program)
Russ Smiley Memorial Scholarship (Health Sciences)
Team Wellness Scholarship (Health Sciences)
John Chalberg Scholarship (History Department)
Bloomington Convention & Visitors Bureau Scholarship (Hospitality Management Scholarship)
Bloomington Crime Prevention Association Scholarship (Law Enforcement Department)
Math/Computer Science Scholarship (Math/Computer Science Departments)
Aaron Hilden Jazz Memorial Scholarship (Music Department)
Jane Burkleo Memorial Music Scholarship (Music Department)
Music Department Scholarship (Music Department)
Pinsonneault Music Endowed Scholarship (Music Department)
Bud Gordon Scholarship (Normandale Business Institute)
Jan Carmen Liles Memorial Scholarship (Nursing Program)
Olson-Dunne Scholarship (Office of Students with Disabilities)
Mooney Materials Science Scholarship (Psychology Department)
Myles E. Johnson Social Science Scholarship (Psychology Department)
Jim & Linda Wallace Theater Endowed Scholarship (Theater Department)
Excellence in Theater Arts (Theater Department)
Upward Bound Scholarship (Trio Upward Bound Program)
Philip Danielson Vacuum Technology Scholarship (Vacuum Technology)
Disabled American Veterans Scholarship (Veteran Resources)
Gary Bartlett Memorial Languages Scholarships (World Languages)

Art Department Scholarships

Chemistry Department Scholarship Applications

Psychology Department Scholarship Applications

Program Scholarships

Finish Line

Academy of Math and Science

Normandale Cares Emergency Grant