Partners in Progress

Presidents Sue Hammersmith and Joe Opatz

Normandale celebrates productive and innovative partnerships with a pair of four-year colleges.

Normandale has created productive and innovative partnerships with a pair of MnSCU four-year colleges. On September 12, Minnesota State University, Mankato and Normandale celebrated the first year of the Twin Cities Engineering (TCE) program. And on October 2, Metropolitan State and Normandale celebrated partnerships in accounting, business administration, computer science, dental hygiene and nursing.

Presidents Richard Davenport and Joe Opatz

“We have been diligent in the past few years to expand our capacity and meet the demands of our community and students for degrees beyond an associate’s degree,” said Normandale President Joe Opatz.

“We are excited about the opportunity to expand these programs and contribute to the success of the MnSCU system in delivering important programs to this region of the state.”

TCE is built around project-based learning, in which students learn traditional engineering knowledge and skills by working with industry members on real-life design projects. Students may transfer into the TCE program for the final two years of their bachelor’s degree curriculum after completing two years of preengineering coursework.

TCE is the product of a larger collaboration between Minnesota State Mankato and Normandale, Anoka-Ramsey College, Inver Hills Community College, North Hennepin Community College and Saint Paul College.

Twin Cities Engineering Kickoff at Normandale

The Normandale-Metropolitan State partnership allows students who have completed associate’s degrees to transfer into Metropolitan State programs and complete requirements for their four-year degree on Normandale’s campus. The dental hygiene program has provided a unique dual-enrollment model that affords students many benefits.

Business Dean Michael Kirch emcees the Normandale-Metro State Partnership Kickoff Event

When Normandale opened its Partnership Center in January 2013, one of the goals was to provide these sorts of degree options. The partnerships with Metropolitan State and Minnesota State Mankato are a good example of the expanded opportunities that the Center provides.