A Healthy Start

Normandale partners on a project to provide much-needed health IT training for rural communities.

Lac qui Parle Health Network Medi-Sota Healthcare Consortium Minnesota West Community and Technical College Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council Heartland Health aka Mosaic Health Care

Normandale recently partnered with the Lac qui Parle Health Network; the Medi-Sota Healthcare Consortium; Minnesota West Community & Technical College; the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council; and Healthland, a Minneapolis electronic health records vendor, to receive a $900,000 grant over three years from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The grant funds the Modeling Effective Network Training Opportunities for Rural Health Information Technology (MENTOR Health IT) project, which provides health IT training and connects the grant partners in identifying best practices, modeling effective planning, and implementing and optimizing health IT systems to meet the needs of the rural community.

As the training partner for the grant program, Normandale is recruiting unemployed or underemployed individuals for training services, apprenticeship opportunities, and job placement assistance. More than 100 individuals will receive health IT training, transforming them into highly valuable, skilled professionals who are connected to their communities and who will also have an incentive to remain in them.

The MENTOR Health IT program will address the crucial health IT needs of the rural community and provide trainees with critical hands-on experience in clinical settings.

Normandale is the only health IT training provider in Minnesota to participate in this competitive grant program.