Normandale dedicates a conference room to Nadine Boardwell, a beloved staff member.

Living Legacy

On June 9, 2014, Normandale Foundation hosted a ceremony to dedicate the Dental Clinic Conference Room to Nadine Bordwell as a living legacy to her special relationship with Normandale. Following the ceremony, her daughters hosted a reception to pay tribute to the wonderful career Bordwell had at the college. Her life was celebrated with her second family from the college.

Bordwell worked with the dean of students for 27 years. She was a near-founding staff member at Normandale, as she started working for the college in spring 1969. Bordwell's passion for the people and the school continued into her retirement. She remained in touch through Normandale retiree activities and the many friends she made over the years.

Bordwell passed away in December 2013. It is fitting to now have the Nadine J. Bordwell Conference Room in the Dental Hygiene Department, since she worked closely with the department's faculty and students since its inception.

Naming opportunities at Normandale

If you would like to have a room named in honor or in memory of a loved one, contact the Normandale Foundation at 952-358-8147.