How to Stay Connected

How to Stay Connected to Campus

How do you stay connected to Normandale after you have left? This is a question the Normandale Community College Foundation gets asked in many different forms.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions, and some answers to how you can become more involved with the Normandale Alumni Association.

Q: Who are the members of Normandale’s Alumni Association?

A: Many students got their start in higher education by taking a few classes at Normandale before moving on to a four-year institution. We consider anyone who has completed even one class at Normandale as an alumnus of our college.

Q: What does the Normandale’s Alumni Association do?

A: The Alumni Association focuses on keeping alumni connected to Normandale, offering resources for professional development through networking, reunion events and continuing education. Also, we are looking to expand our Alumni Advisory Council. This is a select group of alumni who are interested in discussing ideas, events, strategies and other key elements of an alumni association.

Additionally, the Partnership Center recently opened up on campus and there is a space reserved for our alumni to be recognized there. I am excited to announce that in the coming months we will be launching a campaign to showcase alumni in this space on campus. Stayed tuned for more details!

Q: How can alumni get involved with the Foundation and Alumni Association?

A:We are excited to have alumni and friends contact us to get involved. You can call (952) 358-8812. We would love to hear about your time spent at Normandale and what you are up to now. If you want to stay connected to us through social media, follow us on Facebook or join the Alumni Group on LinkedIn.