Ruth Schiller

Normandale Alumna Ruth Schiller

Ruth Schiller has a long association with Normandale, in different capacities. She started off as a student in 1984, became a part-time teacher in the Psychology department in 1991 and has held a permanent position there since 2001.

Schiller originally started college when she was younger, but had to leave to take care of her mother. She then got married and had six children, and because of her busy schedule did not decide to come back to college until she was 40 years old. Schiller enrolled in two classes at Normandale initially, and kept going from there.


“I had a wonderful time at Normandale as a student,” said Schiller. “I thought it was a high quality education, very stimulating and there were a lot of opportunities to do things outside of class that were very enriching.”

She went to Normandale for three years, and moved on to the University of Minnesota where she would receive her bachelor’s degree. Schiller went on to receive a master’s in Philosophy and a PhD in Psychology.

Schiller always enjoyed the quality of instructors at Normandale both as a student and as a teacher. She has come to appreciate it even more as an instructor in the Psychology Department.

“The thing that makes the Psychology Department so great to work in is the collegiality,” said Schiller. “We really like working and sharing ideas with each other.”