Richard St. Germain

Alumnus Richard St. Germain

One of the features Normandale Community College receives praise for is the convenient offering of classes to students who have many commitments besides their pursuit of an education. The Accelerated Business program allows students the ability to work full-time or fulfill some of these outside commitments while receiving a great education.

Richard St. Germain is one of the beneficiaries of Normandale's Accelerated Business Program. While St. Germain has benefited from Normandale, the college has also gained a great deal from their longstanding relationship with him. This relationship began around 1996 when St. Germain worked with the college's Viking Food Services account. During his time at Normandale, he mentions he made many good friends with staff members from the college.

St. Germain had built up his career without attending college, and admittedly was not a big fan of school. However, as he made friends with staff members at Normandale, they convinced him to go back to school.

“The Accelerated Business Program worked very well for me,” said St. Germain. “I worked all day, so the only time I was able to take classes was at night. The classes usually ran from 6 to 10 p.m. Because the classes were six to eight weeks, we covered a lot of material in a short timeframe. Our group relied on each other to get through the program. The instructors were accessible and willing to help and talk to you about anything.”

During the time St. Germain was attending Normandale, he had taken a position as the Director of ARAMARK's operations at Regions Hospital in St. Paul.

Along with getting his education and working with Normandale, St. Germain has consistently been a friend to the Twin Cities community by volunteering for numerous organizations. He has worked with organizations such as Special Olympics, Keystone Community Center, Quilts for Dick's Kids, Reading is Fundamental, Eastside Neighborhood Community Center, National Alliance for Mental Illness and has volunteered for Normandale and Regions Hospital. He has received ARAMARK's People Pillar Award and has been named the company's Outstanding Community Volunteer.

In October 2012, St. Germain accepted a job as an Operations Manager with ARAMARK at Advocate Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois. To thank St. Germain for his contributions to Normandale, his involvement in community activities, and to spotlight his professional success, the Normandale Foundation recently presented Richard St. Germain with the 2013 Alumni Achievement Award.

St. Germain represents a great example of the ways businesses and individuals can make their communities a better place. Normandale is proud to be able to provide programs that allow individuals time to meet professional, family and community commitments while receiving a quality education.