Michael Bayliss

Normandale Alumnus Michael Bayliss

In the summer of 2010, Michael Bayliss’ IT position at the Bloomington Public Schools system was eliminated and he found himself looking for a different career path. Having already completed his Associates Degree in Computer Science at Normandale, Michael learned about the MN Health IT program in a Normandale newsletter, and thought it would be a great opportunity to complement his skills in project workflow and redesign.

For Bayliss, the program proved to be an excellent opportunity to bridge his information technology education and training to the healthcare industry. During his time in the program, Bayliss interviewed with the Mille Lacs Health System through a connection that Normandale provided.

During the interview, there was conversation around the specifics competencies of the HIT Program and some of trends going on in the industry, and before it was done it became clear that MLHS really needed someone like Bayliss to help them implement their new EHR system.

“That was a great moment because my skills and everything I had done in the program were relevant enough that someone working in the field wanted to hire me.”

Bayliss is excited about the opportunities the experience has given him. Because MLHS is a small critical access hospital, Bayliss was able to wear many different hats, dealing with project management and workflow redesign, along with dealing with help desks, building information systems and troubleshooting. After his experiences at MLHS, Bayliss has a more clear picture about what he wants to do going forward and is thankful for the MN Health IT program’s role in his career development.

“The training program pulled many additional elements that they wanted to be part of this course, and did a great job of giving us a solid foundation of background information that was relevant to what is going on in the state of Minnesota,” said Bayliss. “The program also did a great job of helping us all network and stay up on current events. I was really impressed with how well it was put together.”