Lyman Hawbaker

Normandale Alumnus Lyman Hawbaker

Lyman Hawbaker exemplifies what Normandale’s Leadership! Program provides for its students. Hawbaker worked in the real estate industry before coming to Normandale in 2008 to study Economics.

He involved himself in student government, serving as treasurer (2009) and president (2010-11) of the Student Senate. Hawbaker also participated in the Leadership! Program (now called the S.A.I.L. program), which led to his working with college leadership on the remodeling design of the Kopp Student Center.


“It was a fantastic opportunity to work on a project like that,” said Hawbaker. “I had a chance to represent the students in the decision-making process. I also learned a great deal about the bonding and revenue process at the state level. It was an experience that some people don’t get until much later in their career.”

Hawbaker finished his coursework at Normandale in 2010, and graduated from Cornell University in 2012. He spent the prior summer working at Deutsche Bank, and was hired as a Private Equity Analyst upon his graduation.

“My experience at Normandale was great,” said Hawbaker. “The classes were challenging, but it was a great atmosphere because you were able to have good and consistent interactions with the instructors. The class sizes were very comfortable, which made for a great learning environment. My Normandale experiences equipped me to pursue an Ivy League education.”