Kyle Adamson

Normandale Alumnus Kyle Adamson

Kyle Adamson always knew he wanted to go to college, but he did not feel ready to go after high school. Adamson opted to go into the Marines for the next four years.

He arrived at Normandale knowing he wanted to focus on a subject that dealt with the humanities. Once Adamson started taking Creative Writing courses, he could tell it was a good fit. Adamson realized when he took Elements of Poetry with instructor Kris Bigalk he was interested in writing poetry.


“ I noticed I was more passionate about Creative Writing classes than some of the others I was taking,” said Adamson. “Doing the work never seemed taxing, because the interest was always there.”

In 2010, Adamson submitted a poem called “Debriefing,” which was a semi-satirical, biographical look at his experiences in the Iraq War. The poem was one of nine to win the national AWP (Associate of Writers and Writing Programs) Intro to Journals award. Adamson was the only community college student to win the award.

Adamson finished his bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing at Hamline University following fall semester 2012, and served on a panel that discussed the transition in going from a two-year to a four-year Creative Writing program.