Edson Cruz

Normandale Alumnus Edson Cruz

Edson Cruz arrived in the United States from Honduras in 2005 with a good base of knowledge in computer skills. Through the classes in Computer Technology and the Computers/Information Management (CIM) program at Normandale and his previous knowledge, Cruz earned a promotion at his job.

Cruz graduated in spring 2012 in CIM and Computer Technology, which he feels gives him a more well-rounded background. He is planning to continue his education and get his bachelor’s degree so he can continue advancing in his professional career.


"The classes I have taken in the CIM and Computer Technology programs have really increased my knowledge in a lot of different areas," Cruz says. "The CIM program has given me a broad knowledge of many different computer programs, which I feel will prepare me for a variety of situations. The Computer Technology program has helped prepare to work in IT.

"Overall, my experience in both programs at Normandale has been great. The classes are small and very specific, which has been a great learning environment for me. I am extremely thankful to have been a great situation to learn at Normandale."