Alicia Nesvacil

Normandale Alumna Alicia Nesvacil

Twenty years ago, Alicia Nesvacil made it a goal to work for HealthPartners. That goal came to fruition in 2004 shortly after she moved to Minnesota with her husband. She started at HealthPartners working in quality management, moved into information technology in 2005 after she started pursuing her MIS degree and was promoted to a senior consulting analyst (project manager) position in 2009.

Nesvacil came to the MN Health IT program to focus on training for Meaningful Use and other HIT related areas to incorporate into her work at HealthPartners. Prior to coming to the state of Minnesota, she had worked for a Valley Healthplan, which was a subsidiary of Blue Cross Wisconsin.

Nesvacil always wanted to make things simple from a patient care standpoint. She moved up because of her natural interest in different facets of the company and interest in trying to improve the process, having always felt the gap in the quality management and information technology part of the process when it came to health records.

The training program helped clarify many of her beliefs.

“The electronic health record helps us better serve our patients. Knowing and understanding the connection that health information technology has in improving and providing excellent care is a great benefit to our patients. The MN Health IT program helped clarify this connection. The program’s vision inspired me to establish a leadership role in this important and transformational age of healthcare technology. And I acknowledge that there is so much more to learn,” said Nesvacil.

“HealthPartners is an innovative organization and a leader of quality, care, and technology. The training program helped me help my employer continue that leader role in healthcare delivery.”

HealthPartners is not new to electronic records, but Nesvacil mentions that government measures have helped organizations in contributing to better patient care, insuring patient safety, reducing medical errors and giving the patients and doctors the information they need at their finger tips in an easier manner.

Nesvacil came to the training program with a good understanding of the competencies needed to be successful in her position and also credits the MN Health IT program for helping her be more effective in her position.

“I had a wonderful experience in the program,” said Nesvacil. “The program helped me make links that weren’t clicking until I started. The resources were also excellent and the curriculum was outstanding. The tools were very well document and allowed you to customize them through your own organization, which was very helpful to me.”