Writing for Millenials

Millenials are a generation all colleges want to reach but they have a different attitude toward content than previous generations.

They get turned off easily by marketing language. Plus, they always want to bottom line everything they encounter. Zit.

So here is a real example culled from a dinner table conversation.

My older millenial daughter decided to read the Lawry's Pepper seasoned salt label.

She read it out loud:

"Enjoy more flavor and color than ordinary pepper with this jazzy blend of black and red bell peppers, and select spices.

  • Use in place of ordinary pepper
  • Shake on beef, fish or chicken
  • Accent potatoes and vegetables"

Her comment: "I'd replace all that with 'not for fruit,' that's all I need to know."

Keep it simple and consider stating the opposite to get a point across.