Linking Internal URLs

Definition of an internal link:

Any link that links to an x-page in our main CMS [Ingeniux].

So links to registering online []

or the catalog []

or the bookstore []

- are not considered internal links and should open in a new window.

All internal links should "open in this window/frame," the default.

One of the big features of our CMS is that every single page has a unique number. And it is this number that you use to create internal links.

You should NOT use the URL that appears in the browser, that includes all the directory information as in this example:

Therefore, you need to look up your intended page number in the CMS. The easiest way to do that is with the CMS's file tree, find the Human Resources homepage, use your mouse to hover over the homepage and a pop-up should appear with its number:

Hover over the homepage to get its number

Then, use that number when using the CMS editor's LINK dialog box:

The Link Button in the CMS editor

Link to the Human Resources page.

After typing in the page number, when the full page name appears, be sure and CLICK that to load it into the PAGE field.

Linking Internal URLs Dialog Box

The completed internal link dialog box: click INSERT. Since the link is internal, the TARGET field should be set to "Open in this window."

Finished Internal Link Dialog Box