Image Sizing:

To keep pages mobile-friendly, all images on a page will be no more than 200 pixels wide. There will be exceptions, but the goal is to make it so all users, desktop & mobile, can easily access web page content.

Fancybox Images:

Fancybox is a program loaded into the CMS that is available on all web pages.

Users click on a 200 pixel wide image (or smaller) and the fancybox program fills the screen with that image. It will automatically size the image to fit the user’s screen, be it a smart phone, tablet or desktop.

At the same time, it “dims” the background web page and produces a title at the bottom of the image.

Here's an example:

Getting an Associate Degree in Applied Science at Normandale

^ There are hundreds of fancybox photos deployed on the Normandale website. They require a higher level of expertise to install  but Marketing can help you if you would like to install any Fancybox images on your web pages.

Contact the Web Content Specialist in Marketing for more information.

Fancybox Galleries:

The goal is to deploy “galleries galore” to give web users a high sense of tangibility regarding their experience at Normandale.

Creating photo galleries is done outside the CMS editor. Marketing will handle all requests to deploy fancybox image galleries.

To create a gallery, provide Marketing with high or full-resolution source photo images. Marketing creates a set of thumbnails and a matching set of the “large” versions, then strings them together in a gallery carousel.

These can be used to highlight program events (Upward Bound), facilities (Japanese Garden) or event libraries (Past Theater Productions).

Contact the Web Architect if you would like to have one deployed on your site.