Fonts and Colors

Web Colors

  Color RGB value HEX value
  Maroon 191,34,40 #bf2228
  Light Gray 233,233,233 #e9e9e9
  Medium Gray 102,102,102 #666666
  Dark Gray 51,51,51 #333333
  Bronze 160,143,96 #a08f60
  Ivory 249,244,211 #f9f4d3
  Black 0,0,0 #000000
  Gray-Blu 124,142,180 #7c8eb4
  Dark Blu 27,57,89 #163959

Font Sets

  • Main body text font set:  Lato, Arial, sans-serif
  • Department titles, page titles font set (H1, H2): Lato, Arial, sans-serif
  • Main Navigation: Oswald, Arial, sans-serif UPPER CASE
  • H3 font: Lato, Arial, sans-serif UPPER CASE
  • NOTE: this does NOT apply to print materials.

Font Colors

Page Text   Color HEX value Web Size/Style
Main Body Text: Lato, Arial, sans-serif   Black #000000 1.1em
Page Titles   Black #000000 H2 UPPER CASE
Paragraph headers   Black #000000 H3 UPPER CASE
Hyperlinks   Maroon #bf2228 no underline

Ordered/Unordered Lists

  • Vertical spacing at14px, set by the CMS CSS: doesn't show up in the Editor but does in PAGE VIEW

Body Copy Line Height

  • Line height is 1.5 em