Research & Planning

Our mission is to serve our employees and students by supporting evidence-based decision-making, managing integrated planning on campus, and advocating for continuous improvement.

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Strategic Plan

Normandale Community College is the college of choice for students seeking the highest value community college experience. We provide a first-class education for all students and offer the community a talented, highly dedicated faculty, an honored reputation for excellence and service, and outstanding educational programs.

Normandale Community College strives to serve the community. The college will be a full partner in business and workforce development, working hand-in-hand with local leaders to create opportunities for all.

Through collaboration with other colleges and universities, we will create an array of educational options ranging from technical and career programs to bachelors and graduate degrees. We will strengthen educational programs for the rapidly growing south and southwest sectors of the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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Continuing Academic Excellence

Goal 1: Provide Normandale students with a rigorous, integrated curriculum that challenges them to grow as self-directed, life-long learners.

  1. Expand the use of teaching models that promote student engagement.
  2. Promote the scholarship of teaching and learning by improving systems for developing, sharing, and celebrating best practices.
  3. Continue to improve the quality of Normandale programs and courses through meaningful program review and assessment of student learning.

Supporting Student Success

Goal 2: Encourage a culture of student success and persistence.

  1. Achieve system targets of a 2.5% improvement in student retention by 2011 and an 8% improvement in retention of underrepresented students by 2014.
  2. Improve the College's ability to measure student success based on students' own academic goals.
  3. Ensure appropriate student placement and advising.
  4. Improve systems for monitoring student progress and providing targeted advising, especially for underserved and underrepresented students.
  5. Expand and coordinate academic, social, and personal support systems and intergrate them more with programs and courses.
  6. Continue to improve developmental education, so more students progress into college-level courses.
  7. Expand students' opportunities at the College to develop academic and career plans.
  8. Expand opportunities to meet students' needs through multiple delivery systems.

Encouraging College Preparation

Goal 3: Develop programs that improve students' transition to and preparedness for college.

  1. Collaborate with key secondary school staff in developing the skills and resources associated with successful career and postsecondary planning.
  2. Improve curricular alignment with secondary schools so students who complete a college preparatory curriculum are college-ready.
  3. Support the efforts of secondary schools to expand opportunities for students to complete career interest inventories, explore career options and develop associated academic goals.
  4. Expand transition services to incoming students.

Responding to the Community

Goal 4: Contribute to community and workforce development by assessing needs regularly and developing timely programs and services.

  1. Develop our capacity to regularly collect, analyze, and communicate information on community and workforce needs.
  2. Create an approach to develop credit and noncredit programs and services that respond rapidly to community and workforce needs..
  3. Promote responsive curricula by incorporating needs analysis in course and program development.
  4. Incorporate stakeholder feedback to ensure quality and guide improvement in program review and development.
  5. Provide programming and events that enrich the intellectual and artistic life of the community.