2.4 Posting

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Chapter 2: Students

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: None.

Purpose:  To assure effective communication, the college may establish guidelines governing the use of college space to advertise events and information.

Part 1: Limitations

Subpart A:  The size, location, and duration of postings may be specified.


Subpart B:  Postings will be required to meet applicable laws (i.e., ADA).


Subpart C:  In addition to faculty, staff and students, members of the community may request to post information in accordance with guidelines.

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Part 2:  Responsibility

Designated Student Center staff will establish procedures through which to enforce established guidelines.

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  Policy History:
Date of Adoption:  Established prior to 2011
Date of Implementation:
Date and Subject of Revisions:
Next Review Date:  2014-15
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