1.4.1 Policies

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Chapter 1: Organization

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: 1A.1 Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Organization and Administration
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: 1A.2 Board of Trustees
Purpose:  The process through which college policies are created, revised, and approved is outlined in this procedure.
Part 1: Academic Policies 
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Subpart A: The Academic Affairs and Standards Council (AA&SC) acts on all policy matters related to courses (new courses, changes to existing courses regarding course title, number, credits, prerequisites, catalog description, contact hours, goals, including course deletions) and other academic matters (college grading policies, degree credit waivers, additions, changes, and deletion of programs, certificates, or degrees and subcommittee charges).


Subpart B: The Chair of AA&SC establishes deadlines for proposals submitted to the committee and provides a standard form and guidelines for submissions.


Subpart C: Administrative support for the business of AA&SC is provided by the Office of Academic Affairs. Indexing of proposals, publication of committee agendas and a record of committee actions are the responsibility of Academic Affairs.

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Part 2: Other Policies

Subpart A: The Cabinet acts on all policy matters that are not within the purview of AA&SC.


Subpart B: The Cabinet considers submitted policies as they are received. There are no established deadlines. Policies should be submitted using the standard college format.


Subpart C: Administrative support for non-academic policy creation and revision is provided by the Office of the President. 

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