Funded Projects

Active Grants (funding amount, funder, and project manager)

$18,280 - Career and Technical Education - Perkins reallocated funds - Shirley Beil and Charity Costa-Reese.
$40,000 - Minnesota Center for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence - Derek Steele, Nancy Louwagie. Collaboration with Minnesota State University, Mankato to establish a four-year General Engineering Degree on Normandale's campus and expand the function of the existing Engineering Technology lab into a fabrication lab.
$6,000 - Honors Conference Workshop - Minnesota State - Kris Bigalk, Linda Tetzlaff, Chris Corley (MSU,Mankato).
$5,000 - NLNAC Forum spring 2012 - funded by Healthforce Minnesota - Nursing faculty.
$237,189 - Carl Perkins Career and Technical Education - Shirley Beil and Charity Costa-Reese.
$257,541 (annual award for five years) - TRIO Talent Search, U.S. Department of Education - Jewels Horvath.
$260,000 - Minnesota Job Skills Partnership - Ann Wagner. "Knowledge-Based Training for the Semiconductor Industry" in partnership with Polar Semiconductor, Inc. of Bloomington.
$30,000 - Minnesota Center of Excellence in Manufacturing and Engineering - Derek Steele. "MnSCU Metro Engineering."
$20,000 - Minnesota Center of Excellence in Manufacturing and Engineering - Nancy Louwagie. "Project Lead the Way Digital Electronics Course"
$79,330 - Minnesota Job Skills Partnership -- Ann Wagner. "Answering the Call" in partnership with Univita Health of Eden Prairie.
$3,000 - National Center for Science and Civic Engagement, SENCER sub-award -- Tony Dunlop. "Math for Civic Issues."
$26,469 - Michigan State University, Connected Math Project -- Christopher Danielson. "Transforming Elementary Teacher Preparation."
$251,289 - U.S. Department of Education, Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education -- Karen Hernandez. Rent-A-Book program at Normandale, Serving Students with a Textbook Rental Program. The college is piloting a hybrid, limited-rental model, conducting assessments, and testing the potential for sustaining a textbook rental program through fees and fines.
$864,815.67 - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services -- Sunny Ainley. As a member of the Midwest Community College Health Information Technology Consortium (Cuyahoga CC in Ohio), Normandale will be training 300 people over a two-year period.
$300,000 - Minnesota Job Skills Partnership -- Ann Wagner. "Growing the Core: Connecting Quality to Innovation", partnership with H.B. Fuller of St. Paul.
$393,837 - Minnesota Job Skills Partnership-- Ann Wagner. Partnership with Deluxe Corporation of Shorewood to help them innovate in the new economy.
$267,502 - Minnesota Job Skills Partnership -- Ann Wagner. Partnership with Cigna HealthCare of Eden Prairie to help them prepare employees to work in a new health care marketplace.
$257,774 - Carl D. Perkins -- Shirley Beil and Mary Krugerud. Normandale is part of the Southwest Metro Perkins Consortium with several school districts and their Perkins coordinators, Deb Belfry and Cindy Walters. Faculty and staff involved in the career and technical education programs at Normandale are Charity Costa-Reese, Debbie Tillman, and Nancy Louwagie.
$596,992 - The National Science Foundation -- Richard Dunning. SciMath Scholars: The Sequel will continue the science, technology, engineering and math scholarships at Normandale. Scholarships are available through the Financial Aid Office.
$1,447,146 ($296,334 annual) - U.S. Dept. of Education, TRIO program for Upward Bound. The Upward Bound program recruits, identifies, and selects eligible low-income, first generation youth with the potential for success at the post-secondary level. Partner high schools are Southwest, Washburn, Richfield, and Shakopee. Read about the TRIO Upward Bound program at Normandale.
$258,039 - TRIO Talent Search Program. Education Talent Search is a college preparatory program funded through the U.S. Department of Education. The program provides critical services necessary through community outreach to eligible individuals so that they may complete secondary school, undertake a program of postsecondary education, and ultimately graduate. Normandale's program partners are Bloomington Kennedy High School, Richfield Senior High School, Southwest High School, Valley View Middle School, Anthony Middle School, Richfield Junior High, and Broadway Arts and Technical. Learn more about Normandale's TRIO Educational Talent Search Program.

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Completed Grants

$60,000 - Perkins Program Development grant - Shirley Beil. A new academic program in Healthcare Informatics will produce graduates who are ready to continue their education or work at an entry level in software engineering, system engineering, or technical support within a healthcare information systems environment.
$244,849 - Minnesota Job Skills Partnership with Enpath Medical, Inc., in Plymouth -- Ann Wagner. Enpath is a leading manufacturer of implantable simulation leads, lead delivery systems, and lead accessories for cardiac rhythm. This project used interactive training and Pixel Farms was a linking partner for development of simulations and HyperLearning teaching methods.
$190,917 - Minnesota Job Skills Partnership with Immedia Inc, a point-of-purchase printing company in Minneapolis -- Ann Wagner. This project helped Immedia strengthen its national market share by training its employees to work more productively and efficiently while continuing to grow as a company.
$349,193 - Minnesota Job Skills Partnership with Aaron Carlson Corporation and Walsh Bishop Associates - Brenda Dickinson and Ann Wagner. Agile Enterprise: Advancing Lean to Meet New Competitive Forces provided model training and practices for two businesses that provide highly customized products and services (custom woodworking and architectural and interior design).
$649,450 - National Science Foundation - Technician Education Materials in Plasma Technology (TEMPlaTe) - James Dockendorf. 2006-2009. This project developed technician-level instructional materials. Project co-directors are Dr. David Hata and Ed Schnable.
$50,000 - Minnesota Center of Excellence in Manufacturing and Engineering - Jim Dockendorf. Purchased equipment to help the college build partnerships with industry.
$70,000 - Minnesota Center of Excellence in Manufacturing and Engineering - Peggy Rejto. Purchased a scanning electron microscope for students to use in Nanotechnology, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, and Biology courses.
Minnesota Job Skills Partnership Grant Linking partner. Normandale's Customized Training and Continuing Education Department was a linking partner with HIRED on their MJSP grant. CT&CE provided hospitality management and language training to HIRED clients.
$80,652 - IPESL (Initiative to Promote Excellence in Student Learning) grant from MnSCU- Jon Marshall and David Pates. A "WIN: Writing Intensive Normandale" project aligned college composition with other instructional areas and support specific Writing Intensive courses within disciplines. This renewed emphasis on writing throughout every area of study will help students to read and think critically. Faculty involved included: Patrick O'Donnell, Janet Red Feather, Starletta Poindexter, Derek Steele, Jack Miller, Linda Tetzlaff, Ignatius Esele, and Kari Fisher.
$80,086 - IPESL (Initiative to Promote Excellence in Student Learning) grant from MnSCU. A "Crossroads" project improved student access to college-level mathematics. The project will improve retention rates in developmental math courses, and builds on an existing collaboration with South Hennepin Adult Programs in Education. Additional faculty involved included: Shirley Beil, Sara VanAsten, Thomas Sundquist, Cheryl Coulter, Michael Flom, Reena Kothari-Arslan, Tony Dunlop, and Mark Ahrens
$299,763 - National Science Foundation - EdTrAc (Math-Science Education Training Academy) - Julie Guelich. July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2008. Peg Rejto and Julie Johnson, co-principal investigators. This grant built on a previous one-year planning grant to expand the Math-Science Educational Training Center (EdTrAc) to support students in the elementary education program who choose a math or science specialty.
$52,686 - Minnesota Center of Excellence in Manufacturing and Engineering - Dr. Julie Johnson. Funds purchased equipment to advance Normandale's engineering curriculum and enhance instruction in the Introduction to Engineering Design and Linear Circuits I and II courses.
$385,655 - National Science Foundation - Computer Science, Engineering, and Math Scholarships - Dr. Julie Johnson. Julie Guelich, Peg Rejto, and Teri Wichman, co-principal investigators; team members: Ralph Anderson, Cary Waterman, Catherine Breuer, James Dockendorf, Russell Kreager. August 1, 2004 to July 31, 2008. This scholarship program attracted academically talented but financially disadvantaged students to the fields of computer science, engineering, or mathematics.
$4,000 - Bloomington Tuesday Noon Rotary Club - Colleen Brickle. 2006-07. This grant, in conjunction with Give Kids a Smile Day, provided follow-up dental care to Bloomington school children.
$392,064 - Minnesota Job Skills Partnership with Taylor Corporation's Wedding and Greeting Entrepreneurial Business Group - Brenda Dickinson, administrator. Jan. 2, 2005 to Oct. 31, 2007. Normandale designed and delivered training in Entrepreneurial Lean Six Sigma to these printing industry businesses.
$12,000 - Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation - Clare Larkin and Dr. Colleen Brickle, coordinators. 2006. Funding supported the Dental Hygiene Department's online clearinghouse of information and resources about collaborative agreements.
$144,696 - Minnesota Job Skills Partnership for Global Career Development Facilitator Training - Brenda Dickinson and Bob Schoenberger Normandale partnered with nine non-profit agencies to improve job counseling services: American Indian OIC, Centre for Asian and Pacific Islanders, Central Minnesota Jobs Training Services, Employment Action Council, HIRED, Jewish Vocational Services, Minneapolis Urban League, RISE, and Vietnamese Social Services.
$75,350 - Minnesota Department of Health Clinical Innovations - Colleen Brickle, coordinator. January 1 - September 30, 2006. This grant allowed Normandale to increase and enhance the oral heatlh outreach services given by dental hygiene students to the Bloomington Public Schools. Dental hygiene students prepared for collaborative practice by employing teledentistry and portable dental equipment at the outreach sites.
$397,253 - Minnesota Jobs Skills Partnership with Metro Dentalcare - Colleen Brickle, coordinator; Brenda Dickinson, administrator. Sept. 1, 2004 - Aug. 31, 2007. The grant funded specialized training for 470 employees of Metro Dentalcare -- educating their dental team about expanded duties for dental professionals, especially dental hygienists and dental assistants.
$287,377 - Minnesota Jobs Skills Partnership with Fairview Health Services - Kate Manahan, coordinator; Brenda Dickinson, administrator. Sept. 1, 2004 - Aug. 31, 2007. This grant provided advanced technical training in Computer Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging to 190 radiologic technologists in Fairview Health Services' clinics and hospitals.
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