Q1: What are the college priorities for grant making?
The funding priorities are set by the President and advisors using assessment reports and results from student profile research.

Q2: How do I write a grant?
Developing a grant is similar to writing a research paper. Study the guidelines, know your audience, collect information, think about the topic, write, and rewrite.

Q3: I'm a student. Can the Grant Development Office help me get a grant?
The Grant Development Office does not provide assistance directly to students. If you are looking for financial assistance to attend college, please contact the Normandale Community College Financial Aid Office.

Q4: Where can I learn how to write grant applications?
The Continuing Education Customized Training Department at Normandale Community College often offers online courses in grant writing. The Minnesota Council on Foundations offers an introductory course on grant writing. The American Association of Grant Professionals and the Charity Channel both have free resources as well as information about in-person and online classes. Be aware of the differences between a "certificate of completion" and a "professional certification" or "credential." A certificate of attendance or completion confirms only that an individual has completed a class and understands the principles taught. A professional certification or credential is based on well-defined criteria and on standardized assessments based on that criteria. A credential is established for a profession as a whole, and it is not "owned" by a trainer or a conference. The Grant Professional Certified (GPC) is the only recognized credential for grant professionals.