Supporting Programs at Normandale Community College

The Grant Development Office has secured more than $12 million in funding for Normandale Community College projects and programs since 2003. Normandale Community College faculty and staff are encouraged to work with the Grant Development Office to identify state and federal funding sources and to prepare and submit proposals for institutional support. Grant funding makes it possible for the college to launch new initiatives, support existing programs, and provide a quality education to its students.

The Grant Development Office also helps faculty and staff identify when it is in the best interest of Normandale Community College to coordinate resource seeking through the Normandale Community College Foundation.

2011 Funded projects

$260,000 - Minnesota Job Skills Partnership. "Knowledge-Based Training for the Semiconductor Industry" in partnership with Polar Semiconductor, Inc. of Bloomington.

$79,330 - Minnesota Job Skills Partnership. "Answering the Call" in partnership with Univita Health of Eden Prairie.

$251,289 - U.S. Department of Education, Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education. "Rent-A-Book program at Normandale: Serving Students with a Textbook Rental Program." The college is piloting a hybrid, limited-rental model, conducting assessments, and testing the potential for sustaining a textbook rental program through fees and fines.

For a complete list of active and complete grants, visit the funded projects page.